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Friday, April 29, 2011

It must be body confidence, self appreciation day or something.

    Ever since spending last week in Portland, OR doing pretty much nothing but lazing around petting my friends adorable cat and appreciating being in the vegan food capital of the world in the best way I know how (read: eating a ton, there was fried pie. twice.) I’ve been feeling all bloated and uncomfortable in my skin.  (true story, I had a 5 year old come up and ask me how my stomach got so big, ah the bluntness of children).  This week I’ve gotten back to my usual routine of biking 10 miles a day (for transportation), going to dance classes, pushing around a baby stroller, and eating out of my garden as opposed to out of some trucks (Portland is not only full of amazing vegan food, it is full of food carts) I’m finally starting to feel more like myself. 
    This morning I was working on a painting for a friend of mine (see below) and the figure in it turned out to sort of have my body, and I liked it. 

While painting I was listening to stuff on last.fm when this song came on, and I’ve been listening to it pretty much on repeat ever since.  It’s going right up there next to India Arie’s Video on the list of songs that I can blast as reminders that you are gorgeous and you don’t need anyone who says otherwise.  (Also on the list Fiona Apple's Extraordinary Machine, and Cee Low Green's Fuck You
    Then I watched this week’s episode of Glee (yes, I am guilty of watching it regularly) which in addition to containing the amazing line, “the only straight I am is straight up bitch,” focused on accepting yourself for your flaws, rather than in spite of them.  While Glee has all kinds of problems (and this episode is no exception) the internet is already full of critiques of the show, no need to add mine.  However the general point of it fit in well with the overall message of the day.  [Unrelated, but I thought the comparison of Emma’s OCD and many of the kids insecurities about physical attributes was interesting.  I’m not sure I liked the way it was handled, but in a society that is big on quick fixes for every “problem” we might have (crash diets, pills, and as the show mentioned, plastic surgery) people with mental illnesses are often dealt with in much the same way as those with perceived physical problems (fat), ie. ‘your willpower’s just not enough’ or ‘just take this pill and your life will be better!’ suggestions that help no one. Just something to think about.  Also, I’m voting Lauren Zizes for prom queen, because really, if this doesn’t scream prom queen I don’t know what does!]

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  1. Very thoughtful and very nice. I like the painting.