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Sunday, June 12, 2011

1964 for tweens

Yesterday morning I was at a yard sale when I found a 1964 copy of Co-Ed: The High School Magazine for Homemakers and Career Girls and I couldn't resist.  The cover is completely pepto-bismal pink and features a punch bowl of some completely toxic looking substance.  As you would imagine it is completely filled with advertising gems like this one:

(in case you can't read it the copy says: "Any good girdle will do a job on the disaster areas- tummy, thighs, hips, rear.  But if the verdict is still short of smashing, read on.  You know that area where your waist ends and your hips begin? It's called the upper hip.  Oftern your hips begin where your waist ought to be.  The area needs smoothing- and Warner's Turnabout...)  
Rarely do we see advertising that so overtly does its job of selling solutions to problems it invented, what most advertising, especially for things like "shapewear," what girdle type garments would be sold as today, sets out to do.

Next up:
Yes, you read that correctly, Spray-on Reptile! I don't think I can even pick that one apart.

In case you ever wanted to write an essay about your life getting married early and living in a brand new trailer park:

If my recent post about problems with awful feminine care made you depressed, at least no one's telling women today that tampons shouldn't be used if you're single... (or are they? I really hope this is not something about how breaking one's hymen with a tampon would make them loose their virginity and therefore, their attractive purity or some such bs)

In addition to all this crazy advertising Co-Ed boats stories, financial and make-up tips as well as an 8 page guide to baking cookies that I may actually refer to (it ends with a score card for cookies, so you can grade your own cookie making abilities.) 
The Buying Tips section starts with the sentence, "A typewriter is vitally important to jet-age living."  who knew I was missing such an important aspect of my jet-age life?! (I wonder if my laptop counts...)
And towards the end there's even a political section, "On Lowering the Voting Age to 18" where people write in with their opinions (seemed to be about 50/50 as to whether the voting age should be lowered) although it was split up into the page of responses from girls and boys.   

ps. If you ever invite me to dinner please god do not serve any of these things!

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