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Monday, June 13, 2011


Last January a good friend of mine set herself the challenge to photograph her outfit everyday.   While I am not setting myself the same challenge, it (along with reading the blogs of tons of fabulously dressed folks)  has got me thinking about putting a little more effort into my style.  I've always erred on the vintage side of things (even if not for the best aesthetically, I went through a phase in middle school where I turned all my jeans into giant bell-bottoms...) and I love pawing through crowded thrift store racks.  I haven't gone out an bought lots of new clothing or anything, but I did get a haircut (which those of you who know me well know is a Big Deal seeing as until a year and a half ago I had never cut my hair at all.  For what it's worth, I have still never been to a hair salon/barber) I have just been putting a little more effort into what I wear because I know that when I feel good about what I'm wearing I feel more comfortable in my body and have more self confidence.  So here are some outfits from this week:

This is what do wear on a day whose activities include: yard sales, a cupcake bake-off, a 2 year old's birthday party, queer country western dancing, and a trip to the local piano bar for sing alongs.

What to wear for farmer's market, house cleaning, a 5 mile straight uphill bike ride to a graduation party in the hills, sitting on the shore by the lake, some gardening, cooking dinner and going out to see some celtic music.

Brunch in the garden with a friend from out of town followed by work (biking to and from) and a potluck.

Maybe I'll keep taking pictures, although if this warm weather keeps up after my job ends for the summer all my outfits may be bathing suits and bike shorts... 

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